Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Much improved...

Rain was gone today - replaced by a hyper-sunny day. Sunny, but cold. Desert cold. The main reason for coming here on this particular date was that software presentation. 300 miles one way for a 3-hour meeting.

I'd been experiencing a bit of an oil leak on the bike. Nothing serious - the tank cap/dipstick thing was weeping. The rubber o-ring was still there, but perhaps worn from 17000+ miles of use. Following the conference I took some time to get a few errands done, one of which was finding a new rubber o-ring.

The guy at "Checkers" auto parts was awesome - showed up & explained what I was looking for. He brought out a large assortment of packaged o-rings - I carried in the dipstick on the bike for comparison & found one that fit perfectly. He gave it to me - no charge. Nice!

After replacing the thing in the parking lot, I took the bike for a quick spin to make sure the oil leak was indeed fixed & there wasn't anything else I might want to address before tomorrow's ride.

No more oil leak. Looks like everything is set for the great unknown tomorrow.