Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Western desert prep rides

Training in local desert never ceases to amaze. Preparing bike and body for upcoming projects with www.theadventuresofcharliecrowe.com

Lucerne Prep Ride from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

lucerne 1-15-17 from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

Ducati Scrambler with Conan O'Brien

Got a quick test of Ducati's new Scrambler in the hills of Southern California with Conan O'Brien and friends. Looking forward to trying out the Desert Sled.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

BMW G310R World Launch

Los Angeles played host to the world launch of BMW’s new G310R. I had to take a few risks to get the necessary shots, but Santa showed up later so it all worked out.


Australia ranks among the 10 least populated locations on the planet… leaving much of the country left open as an adventure rider’s paradise.

The Azores

Exploring a rugged island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, checking out Touratech’s Rambler concept bike, and doing a little surfing on a borrowed board. Azores was an amazing experience.

BMW Scrambler - NYC

NYC played host to press launch of BMW’s new Scrambler. Mix of sun and rain, urban and country environments made for a great launch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Exploring the Balkans

Top-secret Ducati - mysterious country - only planning = a plane ticket, and a map. Balkans story in October 2016 RoadRunner is what resulted.

Christa’s Letter from the Publisher does well to address travel to obscure destinations given current media coverage. There’s also an interview with Hollywood bike builder Justin Kell of Glory Motor Works. He happens to be the same guy who set up the motorcycles I rode for the Progressive Insurance ads with Flo - one of which appears on the back cover of the previous issue.

Like Hollywood, the motorcycle industry is apparently six degrees from Kevin Bacon too…