Monday, July 10, 2017

Quail Gathering

3,000 spectators came to the 2017 Quail Gathering to peruse 350 of the finest examples of vintage and custom motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters to be seen most anywhere. Riding to and from the event on a BMW K1600 GTL made it all the more interesting. 

One of the most photographed locations in California, yet the view never gets old...

You know you’re in California when you pass a Morgan parked and enjoying the view…

Taking notes by the campfire with an H. Upmann 1844 Reserve fits the character of the event.

Prior to arriving back at home base in Southern California, stopped by Intense Bicycle’s HQ to test ride their Spider 275C on a local trail.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baja Mexico with Black Dog Cycle Works

Looking forward to diving into the media from the recent shoot in Mexico with Black Dog Cycle Works. Significant portion of my life has been spent here in an extremely wide variety of contexts. Wonderful to photograph and film these locations.

One-minute sample summary of the "Black Dog" trail.
Music by Havalina Rail Co. Fun group I played a few shows with many years ago.

BDCW 2 from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

Kurt Forget, owner of Black Dog Cycle Works, on his KTM 1290 Super Adventure:

Standing on a world-class beach, with my back to the view, staring at a small screen. Reads like a social ill but the footage is unreal.

I can say with confidence the TCX X-Desert boots are completely waterproof. Sometimes the most effective product shots don't even feature the product...

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blueribbon Coalition's Sharetrails 30th Anniversary Event

Butler Maps was the recent title sponsor of the Sharetrails 30th anniversary event. The Pirate Cove Resort on the banks of the Colorado River in Needles, California served as a base from which riders could explore nearly 100 miles of desert trails outlined by the event. Two wheels or four, the Sharetrails event lived up to its name.

I headed out with Butler Maps' founder, Court Butler, to capture some of the event both from the air, and behind the bars of a KTM 1190.

Sharetrails 1 from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Baja with CROIG

Introducing Mexico to @caferacersofinstagram @justingchatwin and host of others. Childcare duties, greeting fans, some repairs, tailpipe push start, and transitioning from pavement to dirt. Stay tuned… more to come. Thanks to HusqvarnaKlim, and TCX Boots for their support in this trek!

Desert Days 🌵 . Photo | @roy.son . #croig #croigbuilds #caferacersofinstagram #baja #dirtbike #husqvarna #701

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Western desert prep rides

Training in local desert never ceases to amaze. Preparing bike and body for upcoming projects with @justingchatwin

Lucerne Prep Ride from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

lucerne 1-15-17 from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

Ducati Scrambler with Conan O'Brien

Got a quick test of Ducati's new Scrambler in the hills of Southern California with Conan O'Brien and friends. Looking forward to trying out the Desert Sled.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

BMW G310R World Launch

Los Angeles played host to the world launch of BMW’s new G310R. I had to take a few risks to get the necessary shots, but Santa showed up later so it all worked out.