Friday, December 27, 2019

Meta • Travels with Jason Lee • Part I

Meta's volume sixteen contains an introduction to road trips spanning 10 years with Jason Lee. The same edition contains an amazing piece written by my cousin-in-law, Keith Saarloos of Saarloos and Sons Winery, about a 10-day trip with freestyle motorcycle legend Carey Hart.

Travel stories sometimes involve finding uniqueness in the quiet and understated, and other times selecting what to write from an abundance of activity and detail. These road trips spanned the gamut from driving the desert in an '84 Mercedes and '94 Lincoln, to riding Baja on KTMs, to participating in the L.A. - Barstow to Vegas event on a BMW R1200GS Adventure and 1971 Triumph TR6C.

Analog cameras spanning many decades, and using several different types of film were along for all these trips.

Jason and I in Denton, Texas with Eric Pulido of the band Midlake 
I'd just rolled in after a 1000-mile day on the bike, thus the riding gear...

Experimental film around the Salton Sea using a mix of digital and Super-8 cameras:

The Wayfarer's Memoirs from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Nebraska Cover Story

The December 2019 cover of Roadrunner magazine features an image taken in one of the many surprisingly unexpected places Nebraska hides in plain sight.

Having no directives other than to ride, photograph, and write about the state proved very rewarding. The relative emptiness of Nebraska turns the land into a blank canvas for the interesting stories contained in the prairie.

Thanks to Indian Motorcycle for providing the Roadmaster on this trek.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Firstgear Moto

Got to roll with some amazing riders and a killer crew for the 2020 Firstgear Moto campaign. Temps ranged from freezing to balmy over the intense two-day project. Perfect real-world environment for a gear shoot.

My personal KTM 1090R was among the four bikes featured for the catalogue materials, and has been popping up in various other projects since this shoot.

More to come...

I've photographed quite a few Revzilla ads and other materials over the years, so was fun surprise to see this pop up in my inbox. Working both sides of the lens is mutually beneficial - helps understand the perspective of both rider and photographer, and improves communication in setting up shots.