Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Death Valley with Jimmy Lewis & Casey McCoy

Both internationally recognized BMW/KTM factory rally racers, joining riders like Jimmy & Casey in some of the challenging and equally stunning terrain Death Valley has to offer, allows you to see a lot in a single day. Terrain notwithstanding, the pace is quick. The three of us climbed aboard big-twin KTMs and went exploring for scenery, and in some cases, fuel.

One of the first, if not the first KTM 950 imported into the US, still going strong.

Sections like this serve as "gatekeepers" according to Jimmy. Slowing or halting unsuspecting riders.

The entire trek began with a sopping ride through a torrential downpour. Getting off pavement was a welcome, and possibly safer, change. The amount of traffic accidents in just a short span of freeway north of LA bordered on comical.

The entrance to Charles Manson's ranch. Czechoslovakian movie film cut down for use in 35mm still cameras captures the eeriness of the place.

Unusual location for a swimming pool.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jimmy Lewis riding clinic

Subject of a recent magazine feature in Baja, Mexico just picked up a new KTM 690 and promptly (and wisely) signed up for a Jimmy Lewis clinic to learn how to properly ride the thing. I went along with my KTM 450 and a couple cameras.

If only all classrooms were this enjoyable.

Jimmy teaching by example. Explanation only goes so far, demonstration drives the point home.

Also carried a manual wide-format 35mm rangefinder. Shot Fomapan and Ilford HP5.

Jimmy drawing the lesson in the earth.