Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 BMW MOA Rally: Bloomsburg, PA

In record-setting east coast heat, the BMW MOA rally also broke records for number of people attending. I flew out to say hi to friends and shoot some photos.

Camping onsite made for much quicker & easier access to photo ops. Arrived & set up just before dark.

Brought two years of GS Trophy gear from both the northern and southern portions of Africa.

These guys were out in the morning. Called "trotters". I liked calling them "chariots".

Pieter Dewaal, Vice President, BMW Motorrad North America was on hand for the majority of the event. Here getting ready to join a group of owners on a long offroad ride.

I don't ask questions, just take the photos.

While shooting an old roadside shop, a local asked if I wanted a photo with "my" bike. It was about 1000 degrees with humidity you could swim through. A memorable day for sure.

Went hiking to find a waterfall that was supposedly only 1/2 mile off the road. Only had the motorcycle gear I was wearing. Took a wrong turn & ended up going for a 10-mile run through the hiking trails looking for waterfalls. Yet another local offered to snap a photo of the confused out-of-town jogger.

Did find some fantastic places to cool off.

Following the rally, rode north along the Hudson towards upstate NY.

Monday, July 11, 2011

TBM Magazine Namibia story

Warren Pole of the UK wrote up a very unique story based on our trip through Namibia with BMW Motorrad President Hendrik Von Kuenheim.