Friday, December 23, 2011

BMW Motorräder Namibia feature

Just in time for Christmas, the new issue of BMW Motorräder arrived via air mail from Germany with the Namibia story. It was an adventure in every possible respect.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upcoming issue of BMW Motorräder

Upcoming issue of BMW Motorräder will feature a story I shot in Namibia, Africa. Written by German journalist Ulf Böhringer. UK journalist/TV host Warren Pole is featured on the cover.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triumph Film: "The Lost Riders"

Acting/directing in this recent project shot over 700+ miles of western desert was an amazingly rewarding experience. Virtually all of the footage is complete, now in the hands of the editors.

From Travis Shinn, DP/Cinematographer:

Production stills below from Asst DP, Sean Murphy:

One of the many unreal locations:

Casual moment the morning before shooting:

Breakfast on set during a very, very cold morning:

No campfire is complete without a Nicaraguan cigar and Crockodile Dundee - worthy knife:

Directing on a very dusty set. Couldn't have asked for better locations:

Impromptu face makeup by Chris Redman. Grab some charcoal from the fire & go to town:

Quick review of the action sequence:

I carried a small 35mm rangefinder with some b/w film and captured images during little breaks here & there.

Chris the pilot:

Josh shooting during a break:

Travis prepping a camera bike to chase me down the hill:

Looking down towards the lowest spot in the continental United States:

Super-8 footage was used for several scenes. Few screen grabs below.

Yes that is a real 1950's-60's wrecked fighter jet, shot with a real film camera from the same era.