Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jay Leno, Harrison Ford, and BMW's new K1600

US unveiling of BMW's new 6-cylinder bike took place in Jay Leno's garage last week. Images have been sent out, and media should be popping up here & there soon!

Salton Sea day loop

Friend & I decided to make a day ride out to see & photograph some of the quirkiness that exists around the Salton Sea.

The long ride, temperatures soaring above 110 degrees, and unusual communities hidden in plain sight made for a very surreal day.

Rangefinder with some reversal black & white film + E6 went along for the ride...

Photo gallery

111-degree heat made a dip in the channel all buy manditory:

Baja, Mexico with Brian Traynor

Brian Traynor of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and a group of friends headed to Baja on a small fleet of 450 & 650cc dirtbikes. I joined them on a BMW 1200. Everyone got along fine, despite the differences in displacement :)

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US GS Trophy team training

2010 GS Trophy event is coming up in South Africa next month. As both the photographer for the rally, and a member of the 2008 Trophy team (Tunisia), I was asked to set up a training ride for the US team and shoot promotional materials.

Having explored some of the course in Africa, I was not at liberty to reveal anything about the place, however that didn't preclude taking the team through some of the massive terrain the southwestern corner of the US has to offer...

Photo gallery

Crossing borders in South Africa

Exploring parts of the African continent for an upcoming shoot. Incredibly diverse terrain from urban centers of Johannesburg to having a staring contest with a rhino.

More photos from this ride (uploading from in-country via portable satellite connection):
Day 1 - South Africa
Day 2 - Kingdom of Swaziland
Day 3-4 - South Africa & Mozambique
Day 5-6 - South Africa
Bonus: Tweaked film from an old rangefinder.

Kiehl's Amfar celebrity charity ride

BMW & Kiehl's teamed up to bring some folk from the TV/film world together and host a ride for the AMFAR charity.

I was sent to document from a bike using a few rangefinders and medium-format gear...

BMW RA Event

Shooting everything from stunt riders to vintage bikes offroad, to a 300-year old barn with extremely high-speed reversal films. Shot in new York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Media coming soon...

More photos from this event