Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kiehl's Liferide 2012 Miami - D.C.

In record heat and humidity, our group set out from Miami making eight stops along the way where Kiehl's donated $75,000 to amfAR. An additional $25,000 will be raised through the sale of a limited-edition "Active Lifestyle Kit". Not only were we able to support amfAR, but put these products to the test in some of the exact conditions they were designed for. From record heat & humidity on the east coast of the US, I've now set out for the fog, snow, and volcanic ash of South America - Active Lifestyle Kit in hand.

Conrad Leach, Grant Reynolds, myself, and Marguerite Moreau during a relaxed moment off the bikes.

The twisties went from good to floorboard-sparking.

Paul Cox and his Ghost Rider impression after the rain suit annihilated itself.

Myself & Grant with Zodiac watches provided for the event. The overbuilt, highly water resistant design ended up being necessary on this trip.

It's just the modern world ... cellphones are electronic leashes to whatever you've got going on. Myself & Grant checking whatever as John Corbett of Sex and the City and Jeremy Danger look on in the background.

Posing for a photo on the world's largest free-standing piece of granite.

Conrad Leach, Paul Cox, Kevin Frost, Chris Salgardo, Grant Reynolds, myself, Teddy Sears, our guide Ken, John Corbett, and Chris Redman, just before sitting down to dinner with Bill Gates, Anderson Cooper, and Sharon Stone at Kennedy Center in D.C.

It was an electrifying time on all counts.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventure Summit Video

A short film for the Adventure Summit series. Fun exercise trying to look at a trip like this through new eyes even if you've done it many times in the past.

Space aliens, stunt riders, rain, snow, sun, on road and off ... often times it seems an abundance of activity combines to bring about an overall calm when looking back on long rides.

ADVENTURE SUMMIT from Jon Beck on Vimeo.