Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baja & the Good Dentist

Story in the upcoming issue of BMW OA magazine fill feature a trip with dentist John Ravera. Dr. Ravera normally heads to the clinic in remote Baja, Mexico via airplane, but this trip wanted to see the country from the ground. I brought some cameras along for the journey. This story contains a few of the interesting places we saw.

This entire feature was photographed on 35mm colour negative film using both SLR and rangefinder cameras.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 & New Year's 2012 in Mexico

While riding down here a couple weeks ago saw rain, snow, and sleet. In a south-of-border twist, the holidays were greeted with brisk nights and 80 degree days.

Skateboards instead of snowboards, scooters instead of sleds.

Tony Alva was involved in the design of this pool. Fun, but was clearly intended for people with Tony Alva's skill level to ride. Few more trips down here are a must to get this thing wired.

The KTM 950 is difficult to beat in the terrain down here. It will take you to speeds off road that border on irresponsible.

Straight from one sport to another, myriad of options exist here.