Sunday, June 19, 2011

Italian Namibia story

Riccardo "Capacchio" Capacchione's story from our Namibia trip just a few weeks ago. Wish I could read Italian. If Riccardo's story is half as entertaining as his personality, this should be a good read!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nicaragua moto / surf / volcanoboard adventure

Nicaragua is famous around the world for its nearly flawless surfing beaches. The fact that a majority of the roads in the country are unpaved makes for a dualsport paradise. This most recent trip endeavored to combine the two, as well as throw in some "surfing" on an active volcano.

The volcan Cerro Negro first appeared out of the earth in 1850 and has been erupting and growing ever since. Major eruptions as recent as 1999 have added to this mountains terrain. One side of the mountain has a swath of volcanic rock/sand, that can be ridden down on a "volcano board" for those willing to take the 45-minute hike to the top.

Loading film after breaking camp on Volcan Telica. One of Nicaragua's most active volcanoes, it erupted the week after I left.

Half the mountain, just gone.

Volcan Telica's landscape is one of the most outspoken examples of "harsh beauty" I've ever seen.

Sunrise on Volcan Telica.

Getting back to base on Volcan Cerro Negro.