Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Mexico BDR film

The New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route film was released March 1. Fascinating state with a deep and wild history. Following the trip I read Hampton Sides' "Blood and Thunder", which provided a deeper sense of the journey we had taken on this BDR adventure.

France, Leno's Garage, Colorado, Canada...

Been lagging on updating the blog recently, but happening across some media here and there!

April cover story of RoadRunner features review of Honda's new Africa Twin. Photos were taken in France and Germany. Really great getting to ride both the new and old models for a comparison.

Online version: 

January/February OTL ran a very magnanimous correction for a credit error - featured shots from Jay Leno's garage and a press launch in California:

February RoadRunner features a teaser piece on the new Ducati Multistrada Enduro. Photographed in Albania and written in Italy. Full story coming up in a future issue...

Full-page ad on opposite page also happened to be one I shot in Colorado. Location-heavy couple pages:

Same issue of RoadRunner also features a press launch I worked in Canada. Full-page ad opposite the conclusion of Flo's (Florian's) writeup from Canada happens to feature me riding a ghostly Flo (the Progressive insurance girl) on a Harley around L.A.. Flowy couple pages...:

BMW XR RS CANADA - 1MIN from Jon Beck on Vimeo.

The Progressive Insurance campaign I worked with the Taylor James agency out of NYC has been blowing up in 2016 issues of several magazines. Fun campaign, solid crew, lot of bikes to ride.