Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triumph Film: "The Lost Riders"

Acting/directing in this recent project shot over 700+ miles of western desert was an amazingly rewarding experience. Virtually all of the footage is complete, now in the hands of the editors.

From Travis Shinn, DP/Cinematographer:

Production stills below from Asst DP, Sean Murphy:

One of the many unreal locations:

Casual moment the morning before shooting:

Breakfast on set during a very, very cold morning:

No campfire is complete without a Nicaraguan cigar and Crockodile Dundee - worthy knife:

Directing on a very dusty set. Couldn't have asked for better locations:

Impromptu face makeup by Chris Redman. Grab some charcoal from the fire & go to town:

Quick review of the action sequence:

I carried a small 35mm rangefinder with some b/w film and captured images during little breaks here & there.

Chris the pilot:

Josh shooting during a break:

Travis prepping a camera bike to chase me down the hill:

Looking down towards the lowest spot in the continental United States:

Super-8 footage was used for several scenes. Few screen grabs below.

Yes that is a real 1950's-60's wrecked fighter jet, shot with a real film camera from the same era.