Friday, June 15, 2007

Adventures in chronology presents…

The 2007 Baja 500 pre run posted post the Baja 500 post run.

The backwards reporting ain’t gonna end here … will be posting another report with photos pre-pre run photos. But that’s later … back to the present, um… past.

Prepping for Baja requires spending some time in the garage. Dustjunkie's lair:

This particular trip saw quite the spectrum of KTMs … I took the minibike (450 XC-W :thumb (!), Flyingo on the 625 race machine, & Dustjunkie trying out the 950 beast (pretty sure there will be a new addition to the stable over there soon :D).

We spent something like six hours in Ensenada riding around Canyon Dona Petra & getting stuck in new housing developments back there. DJ was running the GPS, so he probably has a better idea of what was going on … regardless, it was taco time when we finally rolled into Ojos…

Rolling on from there it was straight down Uruapan …

and over to the coast…

[Note the rider in this photo … upper left quadrant-ish…]

No place I’d rather be.

From there we hit the coastal dunes…




Flyingo getting the 950 unstuck:

This whole area is a pretty unique place to ride – not too many … scratch that, not any places in CA like this I can think of…

We made “camp” of sorts renting a house in Erendira.

This is “Bolo”. He pees brake fluid.
I’ll let the others chime in on that…

Next day more coastal playing with the crew:



And yours truly:

Dave eyeing the exit:

…and riding it out:

my go, different line:

Dustjunkie, yet another line:

Up the coast we were headed back up Uruapan, first the shortcut:

…then another shortcut:

Flyingo taking it all in…

Then it was up & over Uruapan … literally.



and the minibike:

And … the painting …

Up next … the previous week’s ride …