Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update to the "bomb" post... this one from an expert.

I ... um, got a message.

It's from a friend of mine who is a specialist at a military bombing range.

He happened to see the photo of the "bombjumping" in the post below ("a new link is coming").

I may think twice before riding over these things again.

Here are his thoughts:

"Just because it didn't blow up when it hit the ground, doesn't mean it's not still loaded with explosives! I don't touch anything out here unless I know for certain it is not live. I watched a guy take his knife and pry a .50 calibur bullet from the unexpended case, and dump the gunpowder on the ground. Then went home and tapped the shell to set off the primer, and hurt one of his fingers in the process! And the bullet was 50 years old! Lethal radius for a bomb like that is around 100 ft. Anyone closer than that could likely die if it decided to blow!... Consider yourself fortunate!.. ;-) "

I'll have to share this info with my buddy Dave ... he was on the heavy bike that day :)

I mentioned I thought they were filled with concrete...

"Concrete is the usual filler material. You are right, probably safe, but you never know for sure unless you work with it all the time. Someone on one of our ranges needed to dispose of a couple hundred artillery rounds. He couldn't get permission to transport them, so he buried them with concrete. Made a patio outside his office by a fish pond. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. One day, something happened with the fish pond, and they needed to dig the patio up to fix the problem. Once the hoe operator saw there was ordinance buried there, he wouldn't work on it anymore. They had to excavate the area extra carefully, and found several live rounds buried with the dummies. "