Thursday, February 22, 2007

The ride started out good & went to amazing...

The sunny & clear conditions outside the hotel were like a red cape to a bull ... just begging one to charge at the mountains beyond the city. Looking out from a high-rise makes the distant trails seem just that much closer. In short order, the 950 was loaded up & on the road. For this trip the only dirt planned was all west of the 15. However riding from Vegas toward Jean I stayed off the 15 & took the frontage road instead - there's a LOT of opportunity for trail riding out there!!! Next time, for sure.

At Jean the road cuts under the freeway & heads west toward Sandy Vally - again all paved, but nice pavement in any case. Dirt options do exist, but I had one day to complete this ride & the unknown up ahead let me to stick to the pavement for this portion of the ride ... found out later it was a good call...

Looking down toward Sandy Valley:

Just pick your trail & pull off the road:

...or pull off into the MX park: